Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Imagery is crucial in dentistry. The quality of those visuals not only helps make a diagnosis, but it can also provide valuable information that could influence a course of treatment. Because a lot of what makes up your oral health happens beneath the surface, X-rays are one of our most valuable tools. At Dental Wellness of Milford, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest standard of dentistry, and our use of advanced technologies like digital X-rays helps us meet that goal.

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What are Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-rays are the modern alternative to traditional radiography. This technology uses sensitive plates and a sensor to capture a detailed image of your mouth's underlying dental structures without the need for film or an uncomfortable plastic holder in your mouth. These images are immediately transferred to a computer for rapid viewing for both the dentist and patient.

Why are Digital X-Rays Superior to Traditional X-Rays?

For starters, digital X-rays do not require a film to capture images. Since the images are transferred directly to a computer, digital radiography makes the process faster and eliminates storage issues. Digital X-rays also emit lower levels of radiation, making it safer than older processes. Finally, using digital technology expedites treatment because there is no waiting time to develop the film.

What are the Benefits of Digital X-Rays?

  • Faster visuals
  • More accurate
  • Safer

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