As technology advances, the effects are felt broadly across many fields, and dentistry is right at the very top of that list. When you think of dental care, the word ‘laser’ may not be the first to come to your mind, so you’ll be surprised to know that laser technology has significantly improved many dental procedures and made certain treatments more efficient. At Dental Wellness of Milford, we are excited to enhance your dental health using cutting-edge laser dentistry in Milford!

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What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is what it sounds like – using lasers to treat dental conditions or to facilitate dental health procedures. Lasers use a narrow and concentrated beam of light to cause a reaction when it comes in contact with tissue. This technology has made the process of removing or shaping oral tissues easier and less painful.

What are the Uses for Lasers in Dentistry?

There is a wide range of uses for lasers in dentistry. Some of the most common applications include cavity detection, preparation for dental fillings, periodontal treatment, and sealing tubules on dental roots to prevent sensitivity.

Lasers are also used to reshape gum tissue to treat the condition called ‘gummy smile’ or to give a longer appearance to a tooth or crown. This treatment is also an effective method of removing soft tissue folds that can prevent dental prosthetics like dentures from fitting properly.  

What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

  • Reduces pain of certain procedures
  • More effective treatment
  • Less intrusive

Interested in Treatment with Laser Dentistry in Milford, OH?

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